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Fleeting Moon Tree Free Greeting Cards

Fleeting Moon Tree Free Greeting Cards

Productnummer: TF18029

Fleeting Moon Tree Free Greeting Cards - Charlotte Bird

Wordt verkocht per set van 6 stuks met bijpassende envelop.

A beautiful Charlotte Bird card depicting a fairy in a small boat.  Vibrant colours and top quality art are the unique features of Tree Free greeting cards that will draw your customers in. Colours and art which can also be found on the inside of the card and on the envelope!

It has a victorian inspired border and is inscribed 'The fairy in the silken mist calls out to saddened souls unkissed, and with her buoyant, joyous tune guides lonely hearts to meet and swoon'. 
It is blank inside of this card, leaving you room to write your own  message.

Tree Free cards are made of hearty uncoated, 100 % post consumer recycled paper. They feel right since they are so much kinder to the environment then traditional greeting cards. 
Sold in packs of 6 identical cards with full colour 'designed-to-match' eco friendly envelops.
Each card measures 178 X 127 mm. A pack of 6 cards weighs approximately 120 grams.

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