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Healing Waters Govannen Paradise Music Relaxation CD

Healing Waters Govannen Paradise Music Relaxation CD

Productnummer: PMCD0034

Govannen combine the talents of four exceptional individuals, who originally came together some 5 years ago to celebrate Celtic music. 

On Healing Waters Chris Conway, Dan Britton, Bridget McMahon and Adele McMahon are joined by acclaimed vocalist, Vikki Clayton and have produced an outstanding, atmospheric, instrumental album of Celtic music inspired by The Legends of Glastonbury’s Chalice Well. 

Tracks on these CD's are:

1. The Chalice  LISTEN 
2. The Maids of Mourne Shore  LISTEN 
3. The Spirit of the Well LISTEN 
4. The Wayfarer LISTEN 
5. A Stór mo Croí LISTEN 
6. The Yew Tree Knows LISTEN 
7. The Butterfly LISTEN 
8. The Heart of the Well LISTEN 
9. Silver Rainbow LISTEN 
10. Lady of the Lake LISTEN 
11. Cad é sin don té sin LISTEN 
12. The Chalice in the Well LISTEN 

Total Running Time : 52:51mins  

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